I have never had the privilege of working with as fine a saddlemaker as Ben Geisler! I have had plenty of saddles from plenty of different makers over the years! But I can honestly say that I have not had a saddle that has had as good a ground seat and sits a horse as well as the ones that Ben has built for me. It hasn’t mattered if I put it on a two year old or an older horse they fit great. I love his craftsmanship and love his ability to think outside the box! Would I buy another one? In a heartbeat! He is honest, dependable and darn for sure the real deal!!

I just wanted to give you an update now that I’ve had this saddle on some horses and put a few long days of work in. It’s one of the best riding and most comfortable saddles I’ve had my butt in in a long time. The horn is dang near perfect for me and it’s quick to take turns and hold even some bigger stuff. It’s already been to two brandings and I wouldn’t change a thing. It fits everything in my string including the mediocre back big guy that I was telling you about. It’s been on a couple of 3 year old colts, a 14 hand mustang, a 16+ hand gelding with extreme withers and everything between. All with no issues and a good sweat. I just wanted to say thanks again and compliment you on your work.

I like it a lot! It looks even better in person than it does in the pics. I’m gonna go get a horse and head to the hills for a bit… Yep! I have to thank you for your time shaping that seat. By far the most comfortable seat I’ve felt!